Research Team

Research Associates & Staff

Jinny Choi 

Research Assistant


About Jinny:

Jinny completed her BSc in microbiology and immunology at UBC in 2023. She is working on vulvar health data registries and is very interested in topics such as sexual well-being, mental health, and public health literacy. Her future plans include a career in medicine and further clinical research.  

Graduate Students

Katherine Hunker

MSc Student, Women+ Health Sciences 


About Katherine:

Katherine is a MSc student in the UBC Women+ and Children’s Health Sciences Program. Her research interests center on sexual and vulvar health concerns, and how these concerns are addressed in the healthcare system. Katherine uses mixed methods to better understand sexual health concerns in the context of chronic health conditions (e.g., inflammatory bowel disease, lichen sclerosus). The goal of Katherine’s research is to develop resources and trainings for patients and healthcare providers that positively impact patients’ sexual well being and healthcare satisfaction. 

Kiarah O’Kane

MA Student, Clinical psychology


About Kiarah:

Kiarah is a second-year MA student in the UBC Clinical Psychology Program. Their research interests are twofold: First, to examine the modifiable factors impacting the sexual well-being of LGBTQ+ individuals and couples. Second, to use psychophysiological and eye tracking methods to explore gender and sexual orientation differences in sexual response patterns. These research interests serve the overarching goal of developing accessible interventions for bolstering the sexual well-being of LGBTQ+ individuals and couples.

Medical Students

Carly Johnston​ 

Research FLEX Student​ 


About Carly:

Carly is a 4th year medical student at UBC VFMP program. Before medicine, she received an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology from SFU and worked as a kinesiologist for a few years. She is now in her final year of medical school hoping to pursue a career in Obstetrics and Gynecology. She’s incredibly passionate about reproductive health, specifically focusing on reproductive mental health and perinatal anxiety. She is excited to join the PHASE lab team to learn more about how different vulvar conditions impact people with vulvas psychological and sexual functioning. When she’s not busy with school, you can find her down on the seawall with her partner, Chris, and miniature dachshund, Daisy.

Jennifer Zhang

Volunteer Research Assistant


About Jennifer:

Jennifer is a second-year medical student at UBC and a recent BKIN grad. Her research and clinical practice interests predominantly center around reproductive health, substance use, and rural health. ​

Undergraduate Students

Sam Campbell​

Volunteer Research Assistant​ 


About Sam:

Sam is a third-year undergraduate student at UBC. Her research interests encompass individuals’ and couples’ sexual well-being, especially in groups traditionally underrepresented in research. In the future, they intend to pursue graduate school in psychology.

Stephanie Chen​ 

Volunteer Research Assistant​ 


About Stephanie:

Stephanie is a fourth-year honours thesis student in psychology at UBC. Her research interests focus on sexual well-being, sexual health, and mental health. In the future, she intends to pursue graduate school and work as a clinician-scientist.​

Emmett Harries​ 

Volunteer Research Assistant​ 


About Emmett:

​Emmett is a third-year psychology student at UBC. His primary research interests involve public sexual health literacy, relational development, and sexual well-being in relationships. Upon completion of his degree, Emmett plans to pursue graduate studies and a further career in public health. ​​

Lorelei McEwen​

Volunteer Research Assistant​ 


About Lorelei:

Lorelei is a third-year​ psychology honours student at UBC. Within the lab, she primarily works on the VLS Couples study and is interested in improving sexual health/wellbeing outcomes for disabled and queer communities. In the future, Lorelei intends to achieve a PhD in Clinical psychology with a focus on integrating underrepresented community perspectives (D/disabled, queer, BIPOC) into clinical research initiatives.

Cindy Zhang​

Work Learn Student


About Cindy:

Cindy is a fourth-year undergraduate psychology student at UBC. Her research interests include public health literacy, improving patient experience in healthcare, and patient-oriented research. She intends to pursue graduate studies and a career in psychology research.