Community Partners

The Phase Lab is excited to be partnered with the the following organizations.

The BC Centre for Vulvar Health (BCCVH) offers comprehensive care for individuals in British Columbia with complex and chronic vulvar issues including: infections, skin conditions, systemic medical disorders, autoimmune conditions, lymphatic conditions, benign cysts and tumours, pre-cancerous and cancerous conditions, and nerve conditions. The BCCVH offers multidisciplinary care including medical and surgical treatments, educational interventions, pelvic floor physiotherapy, as well as psychological and sex therapy. The Centre is actively engaged in research and teaching; specifically, the BCCVH conducts patient-centred research focused on measuring the impact of vulvar disorders on quality of life and the effectiveness of treatments for these conditions. 

The Lost Labia Chronicles (TLLC) is a content hub for vulvar lichen sclerosus information and support. CEO and founder Jaclyn created TLLC as a source to share evidence-based information about lichen sclerosus, as well as sexual health and mental health support through various means including webinars, books, and YouTube videos.